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Richbar Landscape Maintenance


Lawn Mowing

We love a good looking green lawn that looks like a picture out of a golf course magazine. Let us use our zero turn mowers to get those good looking stripes on your lawn. We use commercial zero turn lawn mowers with mulching blades that operate in almost any weather condition, and we service them daily for optimal performance, We also use quality products in all of our grounds maintenance applications, believe it or not there is a difference in quality of plants, seeds and fertilizers and we source out the best from Richbar nursery. Using commercial grade equipment lets us manage our time effectively, saving our customers money- we guarantee it!

Trimming & Pruning

Spring and Fall are our busiest times of year for pruning, but there are certain plants, shrubs and trees that require pruning at different times of the year. Whether you have a hedge, Ornamental trees or shrubs, we have the equipment to tackle the job. Don't leave your shrubs and trees without a trim for too long as it can be difficult to manage and can take multiple trimmings to get them back to their former glory.

Lawn Care

Dreams of a green healthy lawn? Our dream is to make your dream come true. We can aerate, thatch, fertilize, and also carry a Pesticide license from the Ministry of Environment to ensure your lawn is weed and pest free. If you like to mow your own lawn but need us to come and make sure it's green and healthy so you can enjoy mowing it, give us a call.

Property Cleanups

Spring and Fall are our busiest time of year, Book early to avoid disappointment! During the winter, cold weather, deer, mice, and other rodents and pests can do a lot of damage to our trees and shrubs. Let us try out best to mitigate the damage, making sure all your perennials, shrubs and trees are healthy and pruned so they look their best for the growing season. We will clear out all of the dead, diseased, and dying plant and tree material bringing much needed light into the centre for optimal growth, as well as keeping them contained in the space they were intended..... getting your yard growing green, and bountiful. The worst spring job is removing all that unwanted gravel that has collected on walkways and lawns from the sanding trucks, do this early before the grass greens up for best results. We can also determine if your grass needs thatching, aerating, top seeding and fertilizing at this time. In the Fall we mulch and cleanup leaves, but did you know that mulching the leaves on the lawn can actually supply you with free nutrients and increase the biodiversity of your lawn? We like to mulch them in a thin layer over the lawn (so they don't provide a place of residence for pests), over the winter months they compost and by spring... Voila! Free fertilizer and a mulch that can help suppress weeds. We have noticed a huge difference in our customers lawn health by practicing mulching year after year, as well it saves our customers a lot of money because we often don't have to gather and remove leaves to the landfill, which can be very time consuming. We always think of fertilizing with compost first but sometimes we need to add more nutrition quickly can apply fall fertilizer to grass, perennials and trees to target the plants roots provide some immunity to cold weather, disease and pests. We cut back perennials and shrubs, Prune trees and hedges, so in the spring you can just enjoy your yard with minimal cleanup.

Pest / Herbicide Applications

We hold a Pesticide Applicators License from the Ministry of Environment. Each of our applicators also holds certification and have taken courses learning to correctly apply herbicide and pesticide. It is not a responsibility we take lightly. We are committed to the environment and your grounds by keeping ourselves educated in the proper use and application of these products.
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